Thursday, January 28, 2016

Faucaria 'Jaws'

Here's one of the cutest succulents I've ever seen: Faucaria 'Jaws'. These rooted cuttings were donated last fall to be used for some of our undergraduate horticulture classes. The leftovers have been potted up for our plant sale fundraiser coming up in May. They remind me a little of Venus fly traps and look like they could bite your finger off if you touch them (hence the name Jaws).

Although the spines look sharp, they're actually soft and bendable to the touch. I've never grown Faucaria before, so I'm looking forward to tracking it's progress. I have a feeling that these will form offsets and develop into a clump over time.

One of the plants I potted up for our collection has started to flower! It's the only one out of the whole batch that's flowering, so I must have given it some extra attention. Here's the tag, if you're interested:

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