Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Last of My Seed Orders Has Arrived!

We spend January furiously ordering plants and seeds for the upcoming year. I just received the last of my seed orders the other day, this packet of Solanum atropurpureum. I hunted high and low to find this seed and eventually found a Canadian company, Urban Harvest, that carried it. They were nice enough to give me a reduced shipping rate since I ordered a single packet.

This variety will be grown for our "Weird and Wonderful" garden, a themed garden I am curating this year. It will be showcased along side approximately 40 other oddball varieties (I'll elaborate in other posts). This quirky plant, also known as Malevolence, forms a small shrub with dark purple stems covered in long spines. It forms small, eggplant-like, poisonous fruit. I'm really looking forward to growing this for the first time, although the common name alone gives me a sense of foreboding!

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